WINDSOR, ONT., -- Town of Essex wants residents to be more mindful where they point their security cameras as council ponders a bylaw to regulate the surveillance systems.

Councillor Joe Garon says some residents have complained about cameras pointed at places like a neighbouring yard.

He brought up those concerns at Monday’s council meeting.

“They call bylaw and police and they’re told there’s nothing authorities can do because there is no bylaw in place,” said Garon.

Council agreed the price of cameras are affordable and more people are using the devices as a deterrent to crime or to help record the image of a suspect.

At the same time, council is concerned some owners are not using cameras for their intended purpose and allowing alleged “Peeping Toms” to peek on other people.

Garon added, “We are trying to protect our residence.”

Administration will look at regulations from other municipalities like Windsor. Chatham-Kent and London meant to protect privacy.

A report back to council is expected in the spring of 2021.