WINDSOR, ONT. -- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has issued a court injunction, to remove a barricade blocking the entrance into the Windsor Assembly Plant at Vimy and Walker Road. 

Unifor workers took action January 4th, after they received word that 60 members of the Auto Warehousing Company AWC would be out of work after the company lost its contract with FCA.

"This is a real slimy deal," says Unifor local 444 president Dave Cassidy. 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles awarded MotiPark the contract to drive vehicles that come off the assembly line and park them until they could be shipped to dealerships. 

The union filed an application under section 69 of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, challenging MotiPark’s responsibilities under successor rights. 

"Nothing is coming out of that gate until we get a resolve there," says Cassidy. 

Cassidy says the line will be up and running Monday morning. 

"We’ve always had a good relationship. We’re not here to impede production," Cassidy explains

CTV Windsor reached out to both FCA and MotiPark for comment, but did not hear back by the time this article was posted. 

Cassidy says Unifor has been trying to negotiate with MotiPark, but have been unsuccessful 

"They went out and found another union and they’re telling me it’s teamsters. I have no belief that it’s teamsters."

The barricade could be removed early this week. 

Cross examination will begin Monday. 

"Today it’s AWC, tomorrow it’s someone else. The next day it’s somebody else, so we have to take a stance based on that."

The matter is expected to be addressed in court Tuesday morning.