WINDSOR, ONT. -- The playground at Cora Greenwood Park is around 25 years old, and according to the city, has reached its end of life.

Thirty-two play structures across Windsor will receive upgrades over the next two years.

“The playground that will be replacing this one at Cora Greenwood or any one of the 31 other playgrounds will be one of our brand new fully accessible, we’re having rubber surfacing,” James Chacko, parks manager, said.

In July, the city approved spending $9.4 million to build the new play structures, and announced the launch of the request for proposal (RFP) phase for the upgrades on Monday. The city will start accepting bids this week.

While parks across the city are classified as small, medium and large, the city says the average cost of redevelopment is around $300,000.

“Construction should begin march 2022 and with completion set for December of 2023,” Mayor Drew Dilkens said.

During that time, most parks will be accessible to residents, but some will be forced to close for a period.

“Minimize that time as much as possible, typically the construction of a brand new playground where one is being replaced will take anywhere between 3-5 months,” Chacko said.

The city’s proposed 2022 budget includes $26 million to improve city parks with about $170 million to be invested over the next 10 years.

The changes will include renovations to multi-use trails, monuments and the installation of accessible bathrooms and solar lighting.

“Most residents are within walking distance of some community space that will see construction activity,” Dilkens said.

A detailed list of the major parks projects is available here.