WINDSOR, ONT. -- A tractor trailer served up several cases of beer across a major Windsor road after a crash involving two other transport trucks.

Beer was spewing onto Huron Church Road Thursday morning after the three transports collided during the morning commute.

“Smelled like a Sunday morning after a pretty big party. We're hoping we don't get pulled over on the way home to change,” said Derek Didone, vice president of Coxon County Towing.

According to the driver of a truck carrying a load of Blue Light to the U. S., a truck ahead of him made an abrupt stop causing a domino effect with his trailer taking the brunt of the impact.

“The driver at the rear end of the three car collision, driver one as we refer to him, has been charged with following too close,” says OPP media officer Amanda Allen.

The crash happened shortly after 6 morning traffic travelled northbound near the E.C. Row Expressway.

“There were no injuries to drivers involved in the collision,” says Allen.

Two lanes were closed off, with a third shut down while the crew separated the cab from the trailer.

“In turn all the beer falls to the ground,” says Didone. “Luckily we had a crew ready to sweep up that lane as quickly as possible. All said and done I think we maybe had the road completely shut down for four to five minutes.”

The Coxon County crew said there are over 200 cases of beer per palette and about six palettes were on scene on Huron Church Thursday morning.

“Before you leave the scene phone's ringing off the hook,” says Didone. “A lot of buddies seeing it on social media. Everybody putting in their orders to bring some beer home.”

Even though it would appear to be tempting to get an early start to the weekend, crew members can't help themselves to a free round.

“Insurance companies will call and look for it. Even though all the stuff is gonna get thrown out, we have to account for it,” says Didone.