WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its spay and neuter clinic.

The shelter broke ground on the public spay/neuter clinic in February 2011.

Since that time, the clinic has performed surgery on more than 42,000 community animals.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary and World Spay Day in February, the humane society is hosting a special $10 spay/neuter event for free roaming cats.

More than 50 cats are scheduled to come in Thursday and be spayed or neutered, helping to reduce the number of kittens born outdoors this spring.

The Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society Veterinary Clinic was built to provide access to affordable spay and neuter services for dogs and cats. It is open to all members of the public, without income or geographic limitations.

The humane society says it has been proven in communities across North America that providing greater access to spay and neuter is the best way to address pet overpopulation.