The fate of a Windsor man found guilty in a violent assault is still unknown.

Final sentencing submissions were heard in Superior Court Thursday for Kennon Ball, who was found guilty of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon in a beating that left one man with severe fractures to his skull.

A "premeditated, brutal, vicious attack" is how Crown attorney Renee Puskas describes the role 45-year-old Ball played in April 2015.

Ball is one of two men seen in Windsor police surveillance video leaving the scene of an attack on Seminole Street that sent a man to hospital for emergency brain surgery.

In final sentencing submissions, the crown told the court after the victim was beaten by a bat, metal pipe and kicked several times "they left him for dead."

The victim, 31-year-old Matthew Meanney, spoke with CTV News in court, describing Ball as "a monster, trying to make a name for himself."

Meanney adds he still he suffers from physical, psychological and emotional injuries.

His mother says "an angel took care of my son, now the devil will take care of him," referring to Ball.

When Justice T.J. Carey asked Ball if he had any further comment before he made his decision, Ball stood up and said no.

A second suspect wanted in connection with the vicious attack has never been found.

The Crown suggests Ball's criminal record should be considered by the judge. Court also heard that Ball has previous ties to a biker gang.

Meanney suggests the fact that Ball has never identified the second suspect should play a role in sentencing.

The crown is asking for six to nine years of jail time for Ball. Defense lawyer Dan Scott has asked for two years. 

Ball is expected to receive his sentence on Nov. 30.

Ball has already said he plans to appeal the decision.