Recruitment is "top of mind" for Windsor Regional Hospital's new chief of staff.

“And the other one is to try to increase and improve the quality of care for patients. I do think the two go hand in hand,” said Dr. Wassim Saad, who has officially taken over as chief of staff at Windsor Regional Hospital, replacing long-time chief, Dr. Gary Ing.

Saad grew up in Leamington and attended the University of Windsor for his undergraduate degree before moving to Ottawa for medical school.

The doctor received specialty training in internal medicine at the University of Toronto. Saad returned to Windsor in 2005 to run a medical practice and work with the medical school at the University of Windsor.

Saad believes recruiting more talent will bring new fresh ideas to the hospital and will help decrease the workload and burden on current staff.

He tells CTV News there needs to be a reason for new talent to come to Windsor and while he credits the Schulich School of Medicine as a starting point – he says the new acute care hospital is the next step.

“There's a lot of wear and tear and upkeep that's required in these facilities and a lot of money being spent on up-keeping these facilities and then the pressures on professional staff to cover both sites,” Saad says. “A lot of these problems instantly disappear once we’re under one building and from there you can recruit talent, expand services and improve patient care overall.”