The shocked looked on Huntre Allard's face says it all.

The 9-year-old is battling Stage 4 brain cancer, but in this moment life was good.

The southwestern Ontario branch of the Make-A-Wish Foundation brought Huntre's dream to life.

Huntre was nominated for the wish. He chose to have a new room, in green. He has a fascination for everything John Deere that stems from his grandfathers 1950's lime green coloured pickup.

The centrepiece of the room is an exclusive John Deere tractor bed of course.   

“I love it,” says Huntre. “I was like, wow.”

Lisa Olivastri is a volunteer of the Windsor Chapter. She has been with the foundation for almost a year and was overwhelmed by her first granting experience.

“It's been unbelievable,” says Olivastri. “It brings me so much joy to be able to see Huntre get his wish today. He's an awesome little boy and deserves all this.”

This project began early Sunday morning.

Huntre's mom, Lisa Aylesworth, wanted to sneak a peek but promised Huntre they'd see the room together for the first time.

The Our Lady Of Perpetual Help student has a new TV with and game system and new books, which he wasted little time enjoying.

Huntre's teachers have created a Go Fund Me page to help his family.

Huntre has spent a large portion of the year in hospital, but Tuesday's reveal came on the heels of recent news that Huntre will be able to spend Christmas at home with his family.