Auto enthusiasts attended the last winter version of the North American International Auto Show.

As of next year the show will be in June, bookended by the Detroit Grand Prix and the Ford Fireworks.

The chair for the show next year is this year's vice chair Doug North.

He says the change in season allows them to use a much larger space.

"We'll have 14 acres outside of Cobo Hall, including Hart Plaza, that will be part of our show. So we'll be sharing with the manufacturers that we'll have both indoor and outdoor opportunities as well as you're going to see moving displays indoor and outdoor."

North says using the outdoor area will bring a new dimension to the event.

"Not only for ride and drives, but technology displays, more dynamic engagement with consumers and that's what they're asking for as well. So by providing a different platform, certainly, with everything that Detroit and the waterfront has to offer, it's going to be sensational."

He says allowing people to actually drive vehicles will be amazing.

"The engagement level is remarkably high and that would be our goal and then if we can entice those brands that have left. We'd love to have them back."

The auto show is open daily through to Sunday, Jan. 27.

Despite 17 automakers declining to be part of this year's show, there are still 750 vehicles on display at Cobo Hall.