Chatham-Kent OPP are promoting farm safety by launching the All-Terrain Vehicle Simulator.    

Chatham-Kent OPP Detachment Commander Sgt. Brian Knowler and Barb Lovell, the executive director of the Chatham-Kent Children's Safety Village unveiled the ATV Simulator in Blenheim on Wednesday.

"This isn't going to replace training on ATV safety but this is going to give an instruction and more of a reality of what all terrain is all about," says Lovell.

They worked with the New Mexico Game and Fish Off-Highway Vehicle Program to bring ATV Safety, for youth, to the community. The group provided Chatham officials with the information required to allow an ATV simulator to be manufactured locally by MPT Technologies and Applied Industrial Technologies. 

This will allow the Safety Village to utilize hands-on safety training and an educational component which will be share with local emergency services and our community safety partners in Chatham-Kent.  

The simulator will be used at public events, where it provides a chance to touch briefly on the rider-active principles of ATV control as well as inform the kids and parents about Chatham-Kent's off-highway vehicle laws and regulations. 

Organizers are encouraging  the parents to sign their kids up for actual ATV safety training or by attending one of the hands-on safety classes held nearby, where the students receive four hours of safe ATV operation training as well as complete info about Ontario's laws and rules.