The new PET/CT scanner will be arriving at Windsor Regional Hospital on Saturday.

The scanner was supposed to arrive on Friday, but it was delayed due to customs issues at the border.

Visitors to Windsor's MET campus are being warned of possible traffic disruptions at the back of the hospital. It is expected to take about four to five hours to unload.

The scanner will be used to see how tissues and organs are functioning inside your body.

The device will be delivered inside a 53-foot long, eight foot wide container weighing about 68,000 pounds.

After it's installed at the south end of the hospital in the healing garden, staff will be trained and the first patient visit is expected in mid-May.

Windsor Regional Hospital President and CEO David Musyj says the multi-million dollar machine means hundreds of patients in Windsor Essex requiring PET/CT scans to diagnose medical conditions will no longer have to travel hundreds of kilometers to hospitals in London, Hamilton, Mississauga and elsewhere.

It is estimated more than 600 people will use the PET/CT scanner annually.

The Ministry of Health is paying the bill of the machine at an estimated cost of $3.5-million.