A month after a new parking app was deployed in Windsor city officials say the uptake has been quite good.

The first month of operation ended with 2,200 transactions being completed.

“We’re very pleased,” said Parking Compliance and Enforcement Supervisor Bill Kralovensky.  “We’ve done just a minimal amount of marketing because the name of app is actually going to change soon, but it’s working well.”

The app was developed by Passport Parking Inc, and its Canadian arm is called Passport Canada (which is apparently changing its name soon due to confusion the names causes with the federal government’s official passport operations.

Stickers with all of the necessary information about the app has been placed on City of Windsor parking meters and pay units directing interested users to log on to ppprkca.com through their smart phone.  Once there, users are able to download the Pay for Parking App and then pay for parking at the click of a button.

But don’t worry: if you like to carry around a bag of coins, the machine will still accept those as well.

For more information, visit the Parking App page at www.citywindsor.ca.