WINDSOR -- A sexual assault trial has now started in Windsor.

According to AM800 News, 30-year-old Daniel Eichner pleaded not guilty to three counts of sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching with a person under 16.

The five-day trial for the pizza shop worker got underway Monday, with testimony from the complainant who testified via video from a different room in the court house.

She told the court about three alleged incidents when she visited the pizzeria, including one where she had sex with Eichner in a back room of the Forest Glade shop.

It was determined that alleged offences were believed to have taken place between early December of 2017 - late January of 2018, with some of the occurrences taking place at the pizzeria.

In February 2018, Eichner was arrested at the pizzeria without incident.

Eichner's defence lawyer says the issue is an honest and mistaken belief of the complainant’s age.