On Thursday it was announced that Dr. Dale Ziter of Windsor has been named the 2015 Regional Family Physician of the Year by the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

The award to Dr. Ziter recognizes his outstanding contributions to family medicine and the care of his patients over the last 30 years. The announcement of the award coincides with Family Doctor Week.

The week is used as an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of family doctors to the well-being of their patients.

“Dr. Ziter is a family doctor, teacher and leader who embodies the best of what being a family doctor is about—dedicating himself to providing the highest quality of care to his patients and has made meaningful contributions to his community and the practice of family medicine in Ontario,” said Dr. Cathy Faulds, OCFP President, in a release.

Dr. Ziter provides care to roughly 3,000 patients at his Windsor practice. He also takes time to care for patients at Windsor regional hospital.