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Two GECDSB teachers win a seven day cruise

Windsor, Ont. -

"It says giving joy 2021, Angeline Humber, Norwegian cruise lines," says Humber.

"I’m just a representation of so many wonderful educators we have in our system," says Lewis-Longmuir.

Two teachers from Windsor-Essex are being recognized for their outstanding work.

"It was a contest where they were looking for educators who are making a difference in the lives of kids," says Oshar.

Former educator, Patti Oshar nominated the GECDSB teachers in the Norwegian Cruise Line 'Giving Joy' contest.

"Angeline and Andrea were top of mind because they do stellar work and they truly make a difference in so many lives with everything they do," says Oshar.

Oshar nomination Andrea Lewis-Langmuir for her creative strategies in helping students excel in math and Angeline Humber’s strong promotion of 'self learning.'

"When I found out that they won I was so excited and proud that they are being honoured for all the hard work that they do for our students," says Oshar.

Out of four thousand nominations from across Canada and the US, both won a seven day cruise of their choice.

"It still feels so surreal just to be recognized for something. I wish so many people could be recognized for this," says Humber.

"I feel so honoured and fortunate and lucky to be chosen for this contest," says Lewis-Longmuir.

The contest also recognizes teachers who have given their all to students, virtually or in person over the last year.

"I have twenty years of experience behind me. I know those struggles out there. Yes I’m really looking forward to taking the vacation, but also wish I could share it with everyone out there," says Lewis-Longmuir.

"I can’t get over how much resilience and dedication all educators have shown throughout this past year and half - in particular families and students," says Humber.

“It’s been very challenging. So I think this contest is super timely. I can imagine all educators are ready for a vacation. These two ladies truly deserve to be honoured for what they’ve done to help make this transition smoother," says Oshar.

The winners are also in the running for one of three grand cash prizes of $10,000, $15,000 and $25,000 to benefit their school and students. Top Stories

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