WINDSOR, ONT. -- Chatham-Kent police say they were extremely busy Tuesday night as thunderstorms blew through the area.

The Emergency Communications Centre answered numerous calls resulting in 172 police-related events and 43 fire-related events.

“Last evening’s weather event was likely one of the more busier times we have ever experienced in the Emergency Communication Centre,” Emergency Communications Centre manager Sheri Somerville said in a news release.

“The Communication staff on duty worked tirelessly to provide the best service delivery possible. We were overwhelmed with call volume and all calls were important and required attention. It was an amazing volume of work and we are very proud of the services they provided last night while this was unfolding.”

For public safety, officers also attended multiple locations across Chatham-Kent where dangerous conditions existed, such as downed trees, hydro poles and live wires lying across roadways.

Officers are thanking everyone for their patience.