A proposed condo development in Tecumseh isn't sitting well with neighbouring residents.

The community in St. Clair Beach came out in full force to a public meeting at Tecumseh Town Hall on Tuesday to voice their concerns with a proposed five-storey, 71-unit building backing onto the former Pud's Marina.

Residents in the neighbouring area around Tecumseh and Brighton Roads feel the building will bring too much traffic and over extend the sewer system.

Many also aren't happy with a high-rise building moving in next door in an area made up largely of single-family homes.

The marina outlets to Lake St. Clair.

The proposed plan would create 35 new large marina boat docks down from the 75 spots available as part of the former operation.

A further 163 on-site parking spaces would be added.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara tells AM800 news growth is necessary to ensure property taxes stay manageable for rate payers.

"A municipality that doesn't grow, a municipality that doesn't look at the future is a municipality that's going to fail," says McNamara. "If we don't grow as a municipality then the day-to-operations of our corporation — taxes have to go up, a lot higher if we don't get any new assessment.”

There haven't been any decisions made yet regarding the project and another public meeting is expected to gather further feedback.

-With files from AM800's Ricardo Veneza