Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky is calling on Premier Doug Ford to immediately reverse a recent decision regarding the South Cameron Woodlot.

In a letter penned to Ford, Gretzky asks for the “provincially significant wetland” designation to be reinstated for the woodlot following a decision to lift the protection for 46 acres last week.

Gretzky points to “countless constituents” who are alarmed by the decision as justification to return the designation. The NDP member is concerned removing the designation will pave the way for residential development of the wetland.

A recent petition launched by a Windsor resident collected thousands of signatures to see the woodlot have its designation returned.

She calls the decision to remove the designation “short-sighted” and “ill-advised” – adding Windsor is already low on wetland acreage, which serves a natural role in flood mitigation.

Gretzky also highlights the sensitive Greenbelt area, near the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontairo, in reminding the premier of the anger his government faced in moving to open up development in the protected zone. Ford eventually reversed the decision and promised to keep the Greenbelt free of future build-up.

Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens praised the move by the new Progressive Conservative government to remove the designation for a portion of the woodlot, arguing the previous government didn’t follow proper process in establishing the designation.

“The province simply didn't do their job the first time around," said Dilkens.

The removal of the designation could pave the way for residential development.