WINDSOR, ONT. -- Gaping holes made in a chain link fence near the train tracks along South National Road have caught the attention of Ward 8 councillor Gary Kaschak.

Kaschak says residents voiced concern after discovering the fence had been damaged near Ford Boulevard.

“It’s concerning because we’ve had accidents on those tracks before,” says Kaschak.

Less than a week ago, a child was taken to hospital with minor injuries, after a bike was struck by a train near Manning Road in Lakeshore. Kaschak worries people are crossing the tracks illegally.

“It’s certainly is a concern,” says Kaschak. “I mean, this has happened over the years.”

Residents near South National Road concur, telling CTV News the issue has been ongoing.

“Why cut a hole in the fence to cross the tracks?” resident Helen Cox believes the damage is done so students can avoid walking to Pillette Road or Jefferson Boulevard. “So, they don’t have to walk the little extra distance? It could be a serious problem if somebody gets killed!”

Further east, a similar hole has been made in the fence near Courtland Crescent.

Kaschak says he notified city officials Tuesday morning, believing the fence to be on city property.

“I’ve called it in already to 311 this morning and asked for a bit of an emergency,” said Kaschak, “I’m also going to make a phone call to see if we can move this forward, get this repaired as soon as possible.”

CTV News made inquiries to Via Rail and CN, but they have not responded.