A Habitat for Humanity truck has been located on the city's west side after the charitable organization was hit by thieves for the second time in three days.

After having more than $20,000 worth of equipment stolen Wednesday night, there was another break-in at the facility on Devon Drive overnight Friday.

This time the truck, tools, furniture, lawn mowers and snowblowers were taken.

Executive Director Fiona Coughlin tells CTV News the large cargo truck was recovered stripped down with even the radio missing and is not drivable.

Coughlin says it appears thieves used the stolen truck to smash through a gate.

"They smashed down the gate. We have storage trailers in the back. We have a lot of overflow material. Every single storage trailer that we have has been opened and ransacked. Some of it has furniture in it, that stuff is fine, but every tool, every single tool, is gone."

Coughlin is asking the people responsible to reconsider.

"The people that we're helping are people in true need and it's heartbreaking that someone would target habitat. I just feel like if they ask around in their community there's probably people they know that have been touched by Habitat for Humanity. So maybe they'll have a change of heart."

Coughlin says habitat's next build is scheduled to begin September 22 in Ford City and without any tools it's going to be difficult.

If you'd like to donate to the project head to www.habitatwindsor.org for more information.

Windsor Police are investigating both break-ins and are asking anyone with information to call police or Crime Stoppers.