More than 100 residents, still trying to recover from record-breaking flooding in Windsor-Essex, took advantage of the opportunity to get more information about provincial assistance.

Staff from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs held two information sessions in Windsor Thursday to help people affected by the disaster.

More than 200 millimetres of rain fell on Windsor and the surrounding areas over a 24-hour period on Aug. 29, washing out major streets and flooding more than 6,200 homes.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says the flooding resulted in more than $124 million in insured damage, according to Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc.

Residents can apply for funding assistance through the Ontario Disaster Recovery Assistance Program.

Dozens of residents attended Thursday afternoon’s session, some expressing frustration that City of Windsor officials were not present to answer questions as well. Fewer people attended the evening session.

According to the program website, only damage caused by overland flooding, infiltration flooding and sump pump failure are eligible for assistance under the program. Flooding related to sewer backup is not eligible, except for a special provision to provide assistance to low-income households.

Richard Stromberg of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs tells CTV Windsor the program is not a replacement for insurance, and residents should still file insurance claims.

Stromberg notes the program was available after last September’s flood, but they found too much information was left out of the applications.

If you were unable to attend Thursday’s information sessions, you can visit the ministry website for help

The deadline to submit applications is Friday Jan. 5, 2018.