Windsor City Council has unanimously approved an application to create a new turkey packaging facility on Mercer Street.

The property at 1518 Mercer Street is formerly known as Windsor Freezer Services Limited.

In 2016, the 4.5 acre site was purchased by Belwood Poultry.

The company plans to invest $8 million to refurbish the old building and build a new 30,000-square-foot plant to house the packaging operations.

Council approved Belwood's application under the economic revitalization community improvement plan, which will save the company more than $800,000 in property taxes over 10 years.

Spokesperson Ben Schlegel says it would also create 50 jobs.

Animal rights activists attended Monday's council meeting, opposing the new use for the facility.

Nicole Rivers direct action everywhere: "building this plant has potential to cause significant damage not only to our local ecosystems, but to the global health and sustainability of our planet."

“With everything we're doing with that processing plant we're seeking to be a good partner for the community and follow all processes,” says Schlegel. “What we're excited about is investing eight million dollars into the community, creating jobs."