City of Windsor Integrity Commissioner Bruce Elman has been confronted with yet another complaint.

John Elliott was delivering final comments, addressing sanctions against fellow councillor Rino Bortolin, when he said "Man up. You were frustrated you're angry, I get that. I'm just simply saying be a man, apologize for your words."

Windsor resident Jessica Bondy took exception to those words and brought it straight to the integrity commissioner outside chambers.

Elman said he would prefer to have a complaint in front of him, and she took his advice.

“I find that highly offensive, and I find that in direct violation of rule 12.1," says Bondy.

The rule states that members shall not use indecent, offensive words or insulting expressions at any time toward other members of council, civic administration, delegations, or members of the public.

Bondy hand delivered her complaint to the clerk's office at city hall Tuesday.

“This type of language, this type gender stereotyping promoting sexism shouldn't be allowed in council chambers, it doesn't have anything to do with being a man," says Bondy.

Elman will be advised of the recent complaint, but says he can't comment on individual cases, of which he receives 10 to 12 each year.

“My office works on a confidential basis,” says Elman. “Even if an individual says something to the media, my office doesn't disclose a complaint until such time as I come before council."

In fact, Elman's office hasn't disclosed much over the past few years.

Elman's reports to council have not been posted on the city's website since 2015, making it difficult to track the number of complaints against members of council being processed by the commissioner.

“Because of some exigencies here, the next report will be in June and will cover two years."

Bondy is hopeful the commissioner will follow up on her complaint with a report to council.

“I just thing shedding light on this issue is important, and I think that when we put politicians under a microscope, everyone should be on a level playing field," says Bondy.

City clerk Valerie Critchley said the integrity commissioner's reports dating back to 2015 will be posted online once they are presented to council.

Elliott tells CTV News he sticks by his comments, made after Elman told council that Bortolin violated multiple sections of the council code of conduct with his choice of words over the lack of funding over lights in alleys, but also that the remarks were disparaging of a council decision after it was made.

"Everything I said, I meant. He's a man. I was telling him to be accountable and responsible for his actions,” says Elliott.