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City of Windsor updates proposed budget, tax levy increase up to 5.02 per cent

City of Windsor

The City of Windsor has released an updated 2023 municipal budget which includes a proposed tax levy increase of 5.02 per cent following council’s review.

City council will consider the updated budget next month.

Earlier this year, administration presented a draft of the 2023 operating budget to a special council committee which spent a week reviewing the details of the 2023 budget estimates for all city departments and looking opportunities to save.

The Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC), chaired by Ward 1 Coun. Fred Francis, reviewed the estimates in late January voting and approving saving measures bringing the tax levy increase down from 5.23 per cent to 4.59 per cent. According to city officials since then, “additional cost pressures have arisen” bringing the proposed rate to 5.02 per cent.

These additional costs include:

  • Land Ambulance Costs beyond January 2023 OBRC Estimate $858,200
  • Provincial Gas Tax Reduction for 2023/2024 $209,322
  • Cyber Insurance Increased Cost $96,480
  • Engineering Development – Organizational Restructure $270,994
  • Per Diem Rate Increase for Residential Services Homes Program $450,000

“Each of these cost pressures has emerged since the conclusion of the Operating Budget Review Committee’s work and represent non-discretionary expenditures resulting primarily from mandated and/or provincially required service delivery,” a news release from the city said. “These additional budget pressures represent an additional $1.9 million in costs and an updated proposed municipal tax levy of 5.02 per cent.”

City officials say 2023 has presented challenges for municipalities across the country to maintain existing public services in a time of increasing costs, inflationary pressures and reduced pandemic supports from upper levels of government. Compared to similar jurisdictions in the province, Windsor sits below the average of 5.34 per cent for 2023 municipal tax levy increases.

The 2023 capital budget has also been released for public and council consideration. City officials say the 2023 10 year capital plan calls for “record investments of $1.8 billion” in infrastructure and other priority works, including roads, sewers, parks, and economic development initiatives.

City council will meet on April 3 to consider and approve the final 2023 capital and operating budgets and set the final municipal tax increase. Top Stories

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