McKinlay Funeral Home in Chatham is trying to raise spirits by serving spirits, and other alcoholic beverages.

It is one of eight funeral homes in Ontario to have acquired a liquor licence.

Funeral Director Nathan McKinlay says they made the decision because they were getting more requests from families who wanted to remember their loved ones in a different way.

“Over the years, we've had numerous requests for people to have a beer because Dad's favourite beer was blue and they wanted to have a blue” says McKinlay. “Now we have that option.”

“We're finding that a lot of the people don't want their parent's funeral. They want something a little more personal for themselves” notes McKinlay.

McKinlay says they will also offer spirits, wine and food.

“We had a service here for a gentleman who was a scotch man and so everyone had a toast of scotch” says McKinlay. “We had ginger ale for the kids and anyone who didn't want to drink."

The option will soon extend to McKinlay's locations in Blenheim and Ridgetown.