Bike Windsor-Essex is looking for a new home.

The bike organization is located next to the Capitol Theatre downtown and last week received an eviction notice.

Executive director, Lori Newton says "it was a shock. There was nothing leading up to that gave us any indication that our time here was in jeopardy."

The space is city owned, but managed by the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.

Newton says the non-profit had no advance indication there were problems.

She tells CTV News, the bike organization has made several improvements to the location as they are halfway through a three year lease.

She says there was an escape clause for the city, but this was never anticipated.

"The lease was drawn up by the City of Windsor, we were very aware that it was a City of Windsor property we were leasing from.  There was a clause in the lease that allowed either party to leave with 90 days notice, but we never imagined that it would come to pass"

Bike Windsor-Essex would like to remain in the downtown because many of their cyclist-members are new Canadians or live in the core.

Newton says the Windsor Symphony Orchestra gave two reasons Wednesday why they are being evicted.

According to Newton, the WSO claims the location has an unsafe number of exits as well as the WSO is looking for more arts-oriented clients.

Bike Windsor- Essex has until the end of August to be out.