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$6,200 ticket issued to Windsor, Ont. man after crossing Canada-U.S. border

Windsor, Ont. -

A Windsor, Ont. man wants to fight a $6,200 ticket for crossing the Canada-United States border.

Chris Labelle is fully vaccinated and crosses the Ambassador Bridge Windsor-Detroit border daily for work.

On his way home from work on Oct. 22, he picked up his aunts from Metro Airport in Detroit.

“No issues. No issues at all,” he said.

Nine days later, he worked half a day, then picked up his aunts to take them back to the airport.

“I go to my mom's. Pick up her van. Grab my aunts. Go across the border, no issues. Drop them off at Metro. I'm back an hour and 10 minutes later,” he said.

That's when the problems arose. Labelle was asked for a PCR test.

“I don't have a test,” he said. “I work in Detroit. I don't need a test. She says technically you do because it's not work. I never put that together.”

Not wanting to cross the border a third time, he opted for a ticket, not realizing how big it would be.

He was also told to quarantine for 14 days.

“She asked me if I had a bedroom and bathroom in my house. I shook my head. Are you kidding me? This can't be real,” said Labelle.

He returned to work two days later.

“Everyday. Nothing. No issue at all,” said Labelle.

Labelle wants to fight the ticket, but lawyer Evan Weber warns penalties might be amended if personal circumstances are taken into account, but don't count on it.

“A lot of people might think there's a light at the end of the tunnel so they're not going to enforce these rules,” said Weber. “Rules are still in place. It's just a reminder that you need to comply with the rules until if and when until they are changed.”

With public health guidelines and rules in constant flux, mixing in with COVID-19 fatigue, Weber says this is a good reminder for residents to not let their guard down.

“It's a person’s responsibility to know the rules,” Weber added. “Follow the rules and make sure they are complying with what those rules dictate.” Top Stories

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