WINDSOR, ONT. -- Giaci Miceli, 24, is going viral on social media after his sisters shared a series of videos of their brother living with autism.

“I posted a video of Giaci painting a picture for me one day and it just kind of took off. People were obsessed with him, asking for more content with Giaci in it,” said Carolina Miceli.

Miceli’s twin sisters Carolina and Maria started producing videos for TikTok in late April, and now the account has more than 345,000 followers and over 5.2 million likes.

"We always thought Giaci is super special and we are super excited to share him with the rest of the world now so they can see how amazing he is too," said Maria Miceli.

With over fifty videos posted, Giaci‘s sisters say they hope the videos can help people better understand autism.

"It has given us this amazing platform to educate and advocate for autism awareness," said Carolina Miceli. "There’s been a lot of parents messaging us because they have children who have just been diagnosed and they’re asking, ‘What do you recommend.? What should we do?’" said Maria.

“It’s received so much positive feedback it’s been beautiful. The stuff we hear back from people has been amazing,” said Carolina.

The twins say they are hearing from families with autism and Giaci is even receiving gifts from his followers.

"We’ve got a few gifts of chips and treats, but some of the coolest gifts we’ve been receiving have been sensory items like, we got a sensory item kit with a bunch of fidget toys, squishy balls," said Maria.

"It just makes me so proud and excited I’ve been able to touch so many people with his videos," said Carolina.

Giaci‘s sisters also started an Instagram account in hopes of continuing to educate and advocate for autism.

"My parents have worked so hard to make sure Giaci can reach his full potential and be a great independent person within society. So us showing off that has been awesome," said Carolina.

"Autism is not going away. There’s no cure for autism and it’s something we need to continue to advocate and raise awareness about. It’s beautiful we get to do that from the comfort of our home," said Maria.

Giaci said he would like everyone to “follow me on my Tiktok.”