WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Wyandotte Town Centre BIA’s newly elected chairperson, Larry Horwitz announced new programs Wednesday to support business owners.

“It’s kind of a great area and It’s an area that needs a lot of care. It’s been neglected for a long time. It’s time to make some changes,” says Horwitz.

Commercial sign replacement, holiday lights and a new patio expansion program are all part of the project. 

Horwitz says the BIA is spending just over $60,000 with money coming from the budget and reserves.

According to Horwitz businesses can receive up to $5,000 for new patios and patio extensions and up to $250 to businesses for their own holiday light displays.

“We gave a cheque for five thousand dollars to the restaurant, Mi Casita and Al-Sabeel got a check for $5000. Beautiful patios all along Wyandotte Street where people can really enjoy throughout the year,” he said. “We also created a lighting program where all the shops get up to $250 back when they put holiday lights on their building, in the building, along the building, it’s going to really light up the street."

Horwitz hopes the infusion will offer support to business owners during the pandemic and create new opportunities for visitors to shop and dine in Wyandotte Town Centre.

“This area with a lot of care can become a tourist attraction for people all over the world coming here and also can be a huge economic generator and now we are also starting to see residential development along the street,” says Horwitz.