Workforce WindsorEssex has launched a first-of-its-kind online labour market tool for the Windsor-Essex region called WEexplore.

Officials say it makes the process of exploring in-demand careers easier than ever.

The job search tool simplifies the task of researching information about in-demand jobs.

It presents detailed career profile information such as job overview, wages, skills, and more in a way that allows users to visualize what jobs might lead into and out of the region’s top in-demand jobs.

To help people take the next step in their career, the tool automatically populates a list of local job postings on a daily basis.  

Users will be able to customize the information displayed by showing all jobs or selecting a specific sector. They can also enlarge or shrink the size of the job circles to visually display the salary or number of available job postings. 

The tool is automatically updated daily with local job postings, giving users a reason to return to the website often. In total, 150 jobs are represented on the new tool. The jobs were chosen because they lead into or out of the region’s 80 in-demand jobs.

The WEexplore tool is available in English and French at