There is labour peace at Heligear-NorthStar Aerospace in Lakeshore.

Members of Unifor Local 444 voted 63.8 per cent in favour of a second tentative contract with the aircraft industry supplier on Tuesday.

It ends a two day walkout by the 62 unionized workers, who will return to work on Wednesday morning.

Unifor Local 444 President Dino Chiodo tells CTV Windsor there are significant wage improvements in the new three-year agreement.

Workers will receive anywhere between four and 20 per cent raises over the life of the deal, and wages will climb from $22 per hour to $26 per hour.

Chiodo adds there are improvements to benefits and pensions, but there is no signing bonus. Starting in 2019, workers will also get a day off on their birthday.

“You're never going to be perfect” admits Chiodo. “It's never going to be right for everybody.”

On Sunday, 51 per cent of workers who voted rejected the first tentative contract.

Chiodo says the members were “very frustrated” over the last three years, and had a legal right to show the company that frustration and that members are unified.

The new contract was finalized after both sides returned to the negotiating table on Monday evening, and the tentative deal was struck at 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Chiodo is pleased members have ratified the contract, which he says includes extra transfer and training language.

“All we can do is provide all the information and hope that people understand the severity of maintaining the jobs right here in Windsor” says Chiodo. “The reality is corporations now with global capital can move anywhere they want and it becomes very competitive.”

The aerospace operation makes precision gears and shafts for the aircraft industry.