Windsor is spending $4.3 million on a cycling trail around the city.

Construction is expected to get underway soon to finish the path dubbed the ‘Windsor Loop.’    

The 42.5-kilometre cycling trail is a loop that will connect the city’s perimeter, join neighbourhoods and provide access to the Trans Canada Trail, the Waterfront Trail and the Herb Gray Parkway Trail.

The city is spending another $2.5 million on improvements to the Central Box cycling facilities, often referred to as the ‘Dougal Death Trap.’ They are looking at punching a hole through the CN Rail train tracks.

“Very exciting,” says councillor Chris Holt, who is also with the Windsor Bicycling Committee. “I would say it’s one of the largest, because most of the cycling infrastructure happens sort of piecemeal, as we redo a road, we paint a line.”

A majority of the loop is in place, with the exception of a few key segments. In addition to completing 12.4 km in gaps in the trail, funding is allocated to construct 17.8 km of planned cycling facilities to connect low-serviced neighbourhoods.

 “There are probably 30 elements on the list, some will be easier than others,” says Dilkens.

About 5.5 km along Cabana Road is being funded through alternate budgets.