A woman is lucky to be alive after a dramatic early morning rescue in the Detroit River on Friday.

Windsor police say two people who immediately sprung into action are responsible for saving her life.

Ibrahim Hallal and Reem Alesber were walking along the riverfront early Friday morning.

They decided to take a break and sit on the stage at the Riverfront Festival Plaza.

Hallal says he saw a woman trying to jump into the river around 3:20 a.m. Friday.

"I heard a big thump. I felt like she hit her head on the boat or on the tire," says Hallal.

"I ran over here, looked in the water and said, 'Are you ok? She said 'Yes, help me."

Hallal planted himself on a tire that separates a ferry boat and the wall.

"She's going unconscious at this point. The water is really cold. I'm trying to put some water on her face to keep her awake. She then gains consciousness and starts crying," says Hallal.

"I couldn't pull her up, she kind of slipped and when she slipped she went under the boat."

Ten seconds later, she finally came up from the water.

"I heard the water splash. I had my hand on the rope. And i'm trying to pull her in, then I finally pull her in," he says.

Alesber says she grabbed her cell phone and called 911.

"I had to lift her head all the time because her face was always under water," Alesber says.

Hallal says he was unable to pull her out of the water.

He says one officer was quick to arrive.

"He jumps over, gets on the tire with me and we both try to pick her up, and couldn't," says Hallal.

It was only after a second officer arrived that they were able to pull the woman onto the tire and out of peril.

"It's very fortunate obviously that these citizens where in that location at that time and this could have been a tragic result," says Windsor Police Sgt. Matthew D'Asti.

Hallal says he's still in shock.

"It still hasn't hit me yet," he says.