WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor residents with family in Lebanon have come together to assist those affected in Beirut by the Aug. 4 explosion.

“I have extended family that was impacted by the Beirut explosion. We have had some who had their homes destroyed as well as their businesses,” said Adeline Rose, Organizer, Windsor-Essex Helping Lebanon.

“They did get a bit hurt and had to get medical attention. We also had one of our relatives give birth at a hospital in Beirut and had the ceiling come down as she was giving birth, so that is a traumatic event.”

Born in Lebanon, Rose says after hearing Tuesday’s devastating news, she knew she had to do something to help.

Together with a group of young professionals, Rose started a local fundraiser through Facebook called Windsor-Essex Helping Lebanon.

The group is asking residents to order takeout from local Lebanese restaurants next Wednesday, Aug. 12. A portion of the purchase will go to the Lebanese Red Cross to assist those affected by the explosion.

The list of participating restarurants continues to grow, but as of Friday includes:


  • Tabouli by Eddy's
  • Eddy's Mediterranean Bistro
  • Maazar South Windsor
  • Maazar Downtown
  • Tarboosh
  • Mare Nostrum
  • Monaco Express

“We have such a large Middle Eastern community here in Windsor-Essex and Windsor- Essex has such a big heart, just like what was illustrated with the June 27th Miracle event, I know that we can give,” she said. “I know that we have the heart to give and I just feel that they don’t have anything to give any more. We need to step up as humanity to help.”

Rose is also looking for raffle prize donations to help raise money for the fundraiser.