WINDSOR, ONT. -- The spot where Windsor residents used to line up for concert tickets and Spitfires games, has become a queue for hand sanitizer.

The City of Windsor provided free hand sanitizer to local entrepreneurs through a no-contact drive-thru at the WFCU Centre on Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens says it’s to assist local small businesses in their restart efforts.

Drivers were asked to enter through the intersection of McHugh Street and Mickey Renaud Way and then follow the signage to the depot tents where staff will ask to see a driver’s license and business card.

At one point Friday morning, the line extended down McHugh Street to Lauzon Road.

Stephenie Fecteau owner of Doggy Style Hotdogs waited in line for the product.

“It was hard to get gloves. It was hard to get hand sanitizer and everything and now it’s out there but it’s overpriced,” says Fecteau.

She is thankful for the handout.

“Every little bit helps and if we can get hand sanitizer here and feel safer and more comfortable at work, so be I,” says Fecteau.

Dilkens says due to the tremendous level of local product being made available by Hiram Walker and Sons, as well as BASF, the city is able to make a quantity of hand sanitizer available to support small businesses.

The sanitizer is produced to World Health Organization standards and is available in 375-millilitre bottles and 1-litre bottles supplied by Highbury Canco in Leamington, up to a maximum of eight litres per business.

Depending on turnout, the city expects to have enough product available to distribute to at least 500 businesses.

For the past several months during the COVID-19 pandemic, the city has also been coordinating the distribution of locally produced hand sanitizer to regional hospitals, first responders, long term care and retirement homes, shelters and essential workers.