A 92 year old Windsor man is attempting to check off the last box on his bucket list.

Private Ralph Mayville will tandem jump next weekend.

It's a task he was trained for during WWII but never had the opportunity to do.

Mayville was 18 years old when he became part of the First Special Service Force, better known as the Black Devils.

"I wanted to see some action," says Mayville.

After WWII he was awarded with numerous medals he proudly displays...except for one.

He received a set of wings in 1945 for his contribution as a paratrooper.

But he never jumped and for that reason he never wore it.

"I decided not to wear them until I earned them. I figured you have to make a parachute jump in order to wear them," he says.

So at 92 years of age, Mayville will make the jump form 2000 feet.

"I figured at my age, what the hell? If I'm going to die, I'm going to die. I'm old enough to kick off anyways," he jokes.

The jump will happen near Niagara Falls this Saturday.

On June 8th, the Canadian Historical Ai`rcraft Association will have an official pinning ceremony at Windsor airport for Mayville's final achievement.

"I better get this polished up," say Mayville with a smile.