WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Windsor woman has used a hole in her fence for holiday greetings with her dog Keisha as an eager participant, but now she’s using it for encouragement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beverly Ouellette has a fenced in back yard on Norfolk Street near Morris Drive.

Her dog would bark at passersby so a hole was cut in the fence allowing the five-year-old German Sheppard to see who was there.

It wasn’t long before Ouellette thought about decorating the fence featuring her dog.

However, with the pandemic upon us Ouellette’s message has taken on more serious message.

“I had just taken down the St. Patrick’s Day decorations,” Ouellette told CTV News. “And decided to encourage people to remain safe.”

Ouellette decided to send a new message reminding people to stay at home using her dog.

Ouellette says she’s received a wonderful response and is glad as she says our pets are depending on us to remain safe.