A young Windsor woman who has been battling a bone disease is now helping others and also raising money for a London hospital.

Nicole Blaise had six surgeries at the London Health Sciences Centre after being diagnosed with a rare bone disease at the age of 10.

She is cutting her hair to donate to another cancer patient at the hospital.

"I think the last time I cut my hair was in Grade 8. Now I’m in college," Blaise says.

Her mother Barb is proud of her for cutting her precious hair for others. It wasn’t easy.

"They would come into my room and say OMG your hair is so beautiful So many people would love to have it,” Blaise says.

The money raised from cutting her hair will go to books and toys for the London hospital.

Blaise has been through a lot and she wants to help other children.

Doctors had to remove her tumours and re-pack the area with donated bone tissue. They also implanted a metal rod along her thigh and shin.

She still faces a number of challenges.

"She is steadily in pain,” her mother says. “She can't run; she can't do any sports. Walking in a mall becomes painful after a while."

For people who wish to donate, they can get in touch through this e-mail, BBlais@cogeco.ca.