A Windsor woman faces a long list of charges after city police discovered a stolen weapon on the weekend.

On Saturday at around 3 a.m., police say officers were dispatched to the 300 block of of Aylmer Avenue near Assumption Street to respond to calls about a fight and popping sounds, described as possibly being fireworks or gunshots.

Officers entered a home and located a woman who had numerous outstanding warrants. Police say they also located a sawed-off rifle in plain view.

The police investigation revealed that the rifle had been reported stolen to Windsor Police back in April of 2012.

Officers seized the firearm and arrested the woman without incident.

Tiffany Ouellette, 26, is charged with possession of stolen property under $5000, possession of a prohibited firearm and possession of a prohibited weapon.

The police investigation determined that there was no evidence to support that any firearms had been discharged at this scene, and that the popping sounds had been firecrackers.