Windsor police have charged a 27-year-old Windsor woman with mischief after allegedly kicking and attempting to rip various pieces of equipment off a police cruiser.

The incident took place in front of an apartment building in the 500 block of Aylmer Avenue around 4 p. m. on Wednesday.

Officers were speaking with a female resident in the apartment building. During the conversation, she became increasingly agitated and ran onto the street in front of the building.

Police say the woman was kicking and attempting to rip various pieces of equipment off from the outside of a police cruiser parked in front of the building.

Officers ordered her to stop damaging the vehicle, but they say she did not comply and continued to display agitated and erratic behaviour.

They told her she was under arrest, but she had ripped off a wiper blade and repeatedly hit the police car, according to police.

A Sergeant on scene says he Tasered her when she walked towards the officers swinging the wiper blade in their direction and disobeying commands to stop.

As a result of the Taser, the woman fell to the ground and her face hit the nearby cement curb. Officers provided first aid and requested an ambulance.

Police contacted the provincial Special Investigations Unit because of the unknown extent of the injuries. The medical assessment indicated she was treated for two small cuts and was released from hospital.

SIU officials said they would not be investigating.

The suspect was released from custody and faces the charge of mischief under $5000.