WINDSOR -- The City of Windsor is moving ahead with temporary repairs to an iconic east-end water feature, but will likely face a costly replacement down the road.

The costs to fix the 41-year old Charles Brooks Memorial Peace fountain tallied nearly a half-million dollars, according to a report that went before council Monday night.

Refurbishment is also a costly endeavour -- pegged at $1.5 million.

Council instead opted to do the bare minimum repairs at around $80,000 – what Ward 6 Coun. Jo-Anne Gignac refers to as “band aid solutions” like fixing up the electrical components the city has been patching for a while.

The next step council approved is hiring a consultant at $180,000. That person will come up with a plan to untimately replace the fountain.

"I think the solution tonight is a good one,” Gignac said after the meeting. “We'll have the consultant come in and present council with some options other than the floating fountain, update the technology to the 21st century and we'll go from there."

City staff suggested the earliest a new fountain could be costed and built is 2022, which is why council opted to maintain the aging fountain in the meantime.

“That seems to be reasonable to keep something in the water,” Gignac added. “It might not be the swanky piece that we’re accustomed to with all the lights and different movement of the water, but it will still be something.”