The City of Windsor is moving forward with plans to expropriate a property at the outskirts of the airport lands, but will be paying full pop for it.

The parcel of land is located at 6450 County Road 42, wedged between airport lands.

The city was originally set to take possession by July 12 and was in the process of getting the land appraised. Until Monday, homeowner Rose Tako was in limbo because she said wasn't able to look for a new place to live without knowing how much she'd be compensated.

“I haven’t heard anything about the amount of money for compensation, so it makes it very difficult to look for a new place,” Tako told CTV News in mid-June.

She now has that answer.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says an independent appraisal has been completed and Tako will receive full market value for the land in question. The matter was discussed in-camera before Monday’s council meeting and the dollar value of the appraisal is not being made public.

The city will also extend an additional 90 days for Tako to find alternate accommodations before the notice of possession is enforced by the city.

Dilkens says the city will now pursue economic development opportunities at the site.

“We're working on several economic development initiatives. Those were the last two properties that formed the parcel,” Dilkens told reporters before the council meeting. “So we want to be sure we're ready to go when the economic development opportunities present themselves.

“We're always having conversations about different things we can do in that particular spot."