The New Democrat MP for Windsor West wants the federal government to take action over rising gas prices.

Brian Masse stood up in the House of Commons on Thursday and said Canadians are routinely getting ripped off at the pumps.

“Gas pumps routinely charge people the wrong amount of money,” said Masse. “When Canadians pump their gas they want to know what they are getting and that they are paying the correct amount of money.”

Masse noted the oil industry is wracking-up record profits and collecting subsidies from the Liberal government, and claimed the price at the pump is usually four to seven per cent wrong.

“To make things worse, the pumps are rarely inspected,” said Masse.

Gas pumps are currently checked once every two years.

The New Democrat MP wants the federal government to restore the Gas Price Monitoring Agency.

The federal government responded by saying it is working on protecting consumers across Canada.

The current price for regular unleaded in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent hovers between $1.20 and a $1.27 a litre.

The price of gas is expected to remain steady for most of the summer.