A coach with the Windsor Minor Hockey Association says there’s no reason he should be removed from his volunteer position despite his criminal troubles in the U.S.

On Thursday, Stanley “Trent” Norris told CTV News he has surpassed the guidelines put in place by the WMHA for its volunteers despite admitting to an aggravated assault conviction in Florida in 2001.

“I am behind Windsor Minor Hockey Association. I don’t believe they did anything wrong,” said Norris.

In 2017, Norris was deported again by U.S. Homeland Security when he was found in Phoenix, Arizona in contravention of his probation.

Norris’ criminal record came to the attention of WMHA in October.

President Dean Lapierre will only say they are working closely with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association as the matter is considered.

In a statement to CTV News, the OMHA says:

The OMHA follows a specific and detailed criminal record check policy within Canada, which applies to all OMHA members holding the title of team official.

Two board members with WMHA, Jamie Bornais and Derek Treverton, have resigned their positions over the president’s refusal to suspend Norris pending an investigation.

“If the guidelines need to be changed, that’s something up for discussion I guess, but at what point is enough time?” asked Norris. “I just want to help the kids. If parents had a problem with me, I would step down.”

The WMHA sent a vague email to the parents of the players on Norris’ team which didn’t detail any of Norris’ criminal issues, but did note he was approved to continue as a volunteer coach.

The league is meeting with the parents of the hockey team on Friday to review the situation.