Windsor City Council discussed the use of drones in city parks during Monday's council meeting.

As of right now remote controlled aircraft are prohibited in public parks without a permit.

Ward 7 councilor Irek Kusmierczyk says there have been a few inquiries about existing regulations. He believes as more people deploy drone technology, there’s need for updated rules governing public spaces.

"People want to enjoy the parks, they don't want to see a drone buzzing overhead,” he said. “They certainly don't want to have people snapping pictures of their children playing soccer or baseball or in festivals too.”

Kusmierczyk says he’s not interested in banning drones as some cities have done, but sees the need to protect the safety and privacy of parkgoers.

“We just want to be sure we have coverage in terms of finding that right balance. Where we don't dissuade people from using drones, but do protect residents who do utilize our parks."

A link to the city report can be found here.