A Windsor family is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the City of Windsor and the Greater Essex County District School Board.

It's over a bizarre incident last spring that changed the life of a 15-year-old girl.

Madison Arseneault was a very active young girl, playing for her elementary school's basketball and volleyball teams.

She even had her own little business, Madison's Dragon Fly Desserts.

But that all changed on May 25, 2016.

“We were told at the point that Madison needed to have life-saving surgery," says her mom Shirley Arseneault.

Her daughter's gym class at Gordon Mcgregor Elementary went to the Ford Test Track.

That's when Madison Arseneualt tripped on a string, attached between two sawed-off golf clubs.

“The force of the trip and how tight the string was cause for the golf club to come up out of the ground and strike Madison on the side of the head," says lawyer Jennifer Bezaire.

Instead of joining her friends for the first day of high school in September, Madison Arseneault  had to wait until December.

“I struggle every day, but I'm slowing getting used to it and trying to get better," says Madison Arseneault .

She only attends class for two hours a day.

“I get really bad headaches so I have to take pain meds when I get home every day," says Madison Arseneault.

She gets help from an E.A. specialist since she can't see her homework clearly.

“From the middle to the left is all just black so I can't read it, so I need the program to read it to me and then I do the questions," she says.

CTV News did reach out to both the city and the public school board but both declined comment because of pending litigation.

Bezaire says the family is currently struggling financially because of Madison's long stay in London and Toronto hospitals.

That doesn't include the extra medical expenses and home renovation costs that are required to improve Madison's quality of life.

The family has set up a trust fund with TD Bank. The account name is "Mrs. Shirley Arseneault in trust for Madison Arseneault.”