A 14-year-old Windsor girl is launching a petition against the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Jada Malott created a “Trade Graveyard” on an east Windsor front lawn to illustrate her concerns.

She says she wants to show some of the losses Windsor has suffered under NAFTA.

“This is because I fear under the CP/TPP the losses will be greater and far reaching,” says Malott.

Some of the messages on the tombstone signs were “RIP Navistar”, “RIP Youth Opportunity” and “ RIP Environmental Policy.”

She says her parents were active in protesting NAFTA in the late 90’s.

In 2016, she sent 1000 letters to Ottawa requesting a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the effects of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

During that meeting, Malott claims Trudeau promised he would continue to consult Canadians on trade deals and tour Windsor to see how the city has been impacted.

Malott says she is now reminding Trudeau of his promise.