Windsor-Tecumseh MP Cheryl Hardcastle says she’s disappointed the Liberal government voted to kill her private members Bill C-348.

Hardcastle says the bill was designed to make it significantly easier for persons living with disabilities to navigate the many programs available to them from the federal government.

It proposed to create a one-stop shop so that persons living with disabilities would no longer have to “prove” their disability each time they apply for a federal program.

She says if the vote wasn’t killed, it would have gone to committee stage where they and other parties would have been able to propose amendments to the bill, and would have been able to address any issues they had with it.

The Conservatives voted in support of the bill.

“I am deeply disappointed in this government,” says Hardcastle. “It had a chance to do something simple, to go after the low hanging fruit, as they say—to do something that would have gone a long way toward making the lives of persons living with disabilities easier.”