While the attention of the nation is focused on the winter games in Sochi, members of the Windsor Aquatic Club hope to find people who can come to the Windsor Aquatic Centre this weekend.

More than 700 swimmers from across the country are expected to attend the Speedo Eastern Canadian Swimming Championships from Friday February 14th to Sunday February 17th.

Organizers say the stage is set, but Rene Coppens says they could use some more volunteers to assist in the areas of food service, office help, security, and deck personnel who can be trained on site. "We're looking for a people to spend a few hours on deck with us and actually do timing for us."

Coppens says timing athletes is much easier than it looks.

They need 170 volunteers and according to Coppens they are about 50 people short of that goal.

Swimming official Dina Ozols says a benefit to volunteers is that they get to be close to the action. It's very exciting. You get to be down on the deck with all the swimmers."

Organizers say high school students looking to make up volunteer hours are more than welcome to sign up.

Anyone wishing to volunteer their time should contact: Todd Chickee by email: toddchickee@sympatico.ca or by calling (519) 564-5139 or Rene Coppens by email: rcoppens@hotmail.ca .