A Windsor student is not finding any relief from the hardship fund set up after the five-week strike by faculty at Ontario’s community colleges.

The fund was initiated by the provincial government to help students who had to pay an extra month’s rent, or extra daycare to complete a condensed fall semester.

But Angelica Haggert applied to recover lost wages. The answer she got was no.

The 28-year-old media convergence student at St. Clair College claims she has lost $800 in wages from three jobs at the school – working in the marketing department, on student council and tutoring.

“My employment is tied directly to college operations and i don't get any of that money back, and they didn't lay me off, so I couldn't put in for EI” says Haggert.

“I was in my class crying, because I have no idea to do next” admits Haggert.

So she turned to Windsor-West NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky, who took her concerns all the way to Queen's Park and asked about support for Haggert and “hundreds of other students.”

“Angelica was part of a work-study program. She specifically chose work-study because these programs are very accommodating for students. But when she went to her financial aid office to receive compensation for lost wages under the hardship fund, she was denied” said Gretzky.

Deb Matthews, the Minister of Advanced Education, only replied by suggesting students can withdraw from the semester for a full refund.

Haggert says that is not an option for her.

Students have until Tuesday, Dec. 5 to drop out of college for a full refund.

So far, St. Clair College says about 600 students have withdrawn from the Windsor and Chatham campuses, accounting for more than $1.1-million in refunds.